Server Information


I started Volantis in September 2017 after my favourite server went offline. Losing my hard work was heart wrenching and I decided it was time to create a server for others to enjoy.

I welcome feedback on the server and will try and implement player suggestions so please feel free to raise a comment on the blog.

Now onto the details:


Server Details

A custom map which offers a mixture of PVE and PVP playing styles with missions and events to participate in.

  • Free Deed and Upkeep
  • 7.5x Skill and 8x Actions
  • 5 crates of resources upon deeding to build your village (delivered within 24 hours) – limited time offer.
  • Level 35 Starting Skills
  • Level 30 Starting Tools
  • Free Horse for new explorers
  • Drake Mounts Available – very fast but rare!

Server Stats:


Map Details:

  • 4k x 4k bespoke map
  • 40 levels of dirt to rock
  • clusters of small and large islands
  • Iron Veins are common but other veins are rarer
  • Good Infrastructure throughout the map with highways, portals and resting areas
  • Comprehensive Training Ground for New Players



Events and Challenges:

  • Battle Arena to fight waves of monsters based on skill level
  • Game of Thrones style missions. Resurrect Viserion to face the final battle and claim your dragon mount.
  • Vampire vs Vampire Hunter – see below


Starter City

All new players will enter the Training Grounds however, you have the option to skip the scenario

The training grounds gives a guided tour of the game, teaching new members skills in Digging, Mining, Chopping Trees, Fighting and Crafting.





The Landscape and Resting Areas:

Volantis has a smooth terrain and rock can be found 40 digs below any surface.

The sandy coastlines make for a perfect harbour but beware of the scorpions!



The map has good infrastructure with roads and portals around the map. Travellers will find places to rest and trade throughout the map:





Game of Thrones Campaign – Castle Black:

The GoT Campaign is being expanded but the objective is to travel beyond the wall, a PvP Roleplaying style zone, defeat the whitewalkers and battle Viserion to win a dragon mount.





Battle Arena:

The battle arena offers 5 levels, each of increasing difficulty, which summons waves of monsters for you to battle.

There are currently two arenas:

  1. Basic: (1) Wolf, (2) Cave Bug, (3) Large Rat, (4) Scorpion, (5) Bear.
  2. Intermediate: (1) Brown Bear, (2) Scorpion, (3) Crocodile, (4) Fire Fiend and (5) Troll.

To activate a battle, examine either the Basic or Intermediate level signs.

The Battle Arenas can be found in Kingslanding near the castle.

Please note – there is a 20minute cooldown period after completion of the Arena.


The Crypt of Vampires:

Ever fancied becoming a Vampire or Vampire Hunter? You will benefit from increased skill gains in exchange for the risk of being bitten / staked!

This is essentially PVP but without the risk of your buildings being destroyed (if built in the PVE zone).

The full instructions on this mini-game can be found below: